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Welcome to my CAS BLOG

On this site, I will be posting blog posts about what I did for my CAS which stands for Creativity Action Service which is a mandatory program for the IB Diploma Program. I expect CAS to be a unique opportunuity for me to try new things and experience the world in a new perspective and this site will log everything I face in the program. So sit back, relax, and enjoy my blood, sweat, and tears (don’t expect much tears) converted into text format.

The IB CAS program is an amazing and life changing program in my life. Doing this CAS program has helped me diverse my skills and have changed my overall outlook in life. Throughout my CAS program, I have undertaken new challenges, initiated activities, worked collaboratively, shown perseverance and commitment, engaged in issues of global importance, considered ethical implications of their actions, be aware of their own strengths and areas for growth, and developed new skills. Thanks to IB and this CAS program, it made me learn more about myself and developed me into a well-rounded individual.

I undertook many new challenges throughout this CAS program. The most memorable one for me is the CAS Live-in where I had to live in a village and help the villagers do their daily activities. It was challenging for me because I have never planted or even harvested enceng-gondok (a type of plant) which was very physically tiring.

CAS has also pushed me to initiate in activities more than I used to. For example, for the Yearbook Club that I joined in, I volunteered to become the official photographer for the yearbook.

I have also worked collaboratively in all of my CAS programs. An unforgettable moment where I had worked collaboratively was the CAS Big Project where I had to go into an underprivileged school in Lampung and help teach the students important life lessons. I also worked collaboratively with my classmates by working together to help fix the school’s basketball court.

The CAS program has forced me to show perseverance and commitment. This was an aspect that was very hard for me. In the end, I stuck through the CAS program even though I had to sacrifice a lot of my free time and my holidays to finish the program.

The issues of global importance was also engaged and considered. In my CAS service program I volunteered in an orphanage where I took care of some children and also spent time having fun with them. I volunteered on this because I had considered the issue of unprivileged children in the world.

The CAS program has really made me consider all the ethical and moral side of my actions. This is apparent when I did Frisbee for one of my actions. Frisbee is a sport that demands good sportsmanship and fair play and so I followed through on this.

By the end of my CAS program I became aware of my strength and weaknesses. This has helped me a lot in determining what I should do to improve myself in the activities I have done. Also by being aware of my strength, it has helped me reflect about what I should do with my strength and how to benefit myself and benefit others.

The CAS program has helped me develop some new skills that I would have never thought I will learn in my life. I really benefited by learning guitar as one of my creativity program. This skill has been very beneficial for me since after the program I have participated in school events that needed a guitar player.


Overall the CAS program has pushed me get out of my comfort zone and experience things that I would have never have thought I would do in my entire life. Even though CAS was very time consuming and sometimes distracting me from school, I am very grateful of what CAS has made me accomplish in my life.



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