Leadership Camp 2014 Cikole

On August 21 2014, I was able to attend SPHLC’s Leadership Camp 2014 held in Sindang reret hotel and restaurant in Cikole, Lembang. The goal of the camp is to educate me on how to be a good leader and how to be a leader in the future. I do not occasionally join camps and so this got me excited.

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Activity – Night Activities

At night, we decoded mores codes and went through hell on earth. For the main activity at night, we were supposed to only do morse code decoding (which I did really well). However we also did an unexpected thing which is something called “jurit malam”. So essentially, you are given instructions and you are left to go to the middle of no where in the middle of the night with just a flashlight (it is seriously very dark, once you turn the flashlight off, you cant even see the palm of your hands)! We were given this activity to train our leadership skill (a leader has to be brave and the teachers are trying to scare you to your death).

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Activity – Military Training + Paintball

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One exciting and fun activity I had the privilege to do is to do some activities the Indonesian army does for training. We visited an area where the military goes to train and tried some of their activities such as walking on a single rope, jumping off a cliff to catch a bag and to do paintball. I was actually very excited for the paintball compared to the other activities, but they decided to keep the best for the last so we had to go through all the other activities first. First, I did the activity where you are supposed to balance yourself and walk about five meteres on a single rope. It was pretty nerve wrecking because of the fact that the rope is just about 2cm wide. Next I jumped off a cliff and grabbed a bag. It is harder to explain than to do it. What you have to do is to jump off this platform (which is on a cliff) and when you fall to your death, grab on this bag which is attached to a tree which would save your life. Even though there are safety precaution in case you miss catching the bag, there is still that chance that the safety harness can snap and that you may fall to your doom (it is pretty scary). Next, we did paintball (which was supposed to be the highlight from all of the activities). I was so excited for the paintball war that I pretty much taught about it all day. However I was pretty disappointing that it was getting dark and that the masks were very fogged up and scratchy.

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Activity – Rafting

During this trip, I also had the opportunity to do rafting. It was a new activity for me so I was pretty nervous and excited. Rafting started out fun, however in the middle of the trip there was just a lot of rocks that were blocking the way that we got stuck every 5 meters or so. The fact that I was the only male there and that rocks were blocking everywhere, I was the assistant for our expert in helping the raft get out of the rocks that we were stuck in. I also fell off the raft twice. Rafting was pretty fun overall (even though it was exhausting) and a refreshment since there were no pools in the hotel. I learned that leaders has to make sacrifices (me falling twice just to help the raft from getting stuck on another rock).

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From all of the things I did on the activity, I learned that a leader has to be brave and that he has to “TAKE THE LEAP” (pun intended) to be a good example for others.

Overall this trip was very beneficial for me to be a better leader for the future and all the activities help in aiding the process.


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